VLOG's 1995 Production of
The Yeomen of the Guard

Phoebe (Emily Wigod) longs for Colonel Fairfax ("When Maiden Loves She Sits and Sighs")

The strolling players, Jack Point (Bill Brooke) and Elsie Maynard (Karen Leah), arrive singing "I Have a Song to Sing, Oh!"

Elsie marries Fairfax, who is to be beheaded leaving her a widow, but Jack Point is none to pleased when Fairfax escapes!

Elsie mourns, but the whole Tower assembles for the execution of Fairfax!

(Pull your browser wide open to see the whole picture!)

Jack Point is beside himself because of his sweetheart, Elsie, but enlists Wilfred Shadbolt (Nathan Hull) in a plot to fake the death of the escaped Fairfax.

In disguise, Fairfax teaches Point how to woo. In the process, he wins Elsie for himself, instead. Phoebe and Jack are both heartbroken, but Fairfax has had a rare chance to woo his own wife!

To cover up their involvement in the escape of Fairfax, Phoebe is forced to marry Wilfred, while her father, Sgt. Merryl (Jack Behonek), must marry Dame Carruthers (Nancy Degener)

Is this the fate in store for Fairfax???