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For the past year, we have been (safe) in our homes watching protests and listening to phrases: "mutual aid", "defund the police", "black lives matter"; these words scrolled across our screen without a definition, creating mass hysteria for the nation. I am not here to give you all definitions; frankly, you can find those anywhere on google. I am here to remind you that those phrases impact real lives, that when we say 'Trans Day of Remembrance' we are not treating it as an ambiguous memorial, we are referring to the 46 (and counting) trans/gender-non-conforming people who were killed this year. Don't remember the phrases, remember their names: Tyianna, Samuel, Bianca, Fifty, Alexus, Chyna, Aidelen, Jahaira, Iris, Mel, Royal, Jo, Marquiisha, (...)

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