Abby S. & Jeffrey Kurnit

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ABBY S. and JEFFREY KURNIT are celebrating their 50th year in VLOG with this production. They met doing Gilbert & Sullivan in college in 1965, married in 1969, and joined VLOG in 1972. Over the years, they have done large roles and small roles, as well as performing in the ensemble. Both have served VLOG on committees and on the Board of Directors, and Jeff was President of the company for two years. Most recently, they played Ida and Isidor Strauss in Titanic The Musical in 2019, the year of their 50th wedding anniversary. They are very proud that both of their children, Miriam and Sam, were active in VLOG while growing up, both on stage and off, and Miriam continued into adulthood and even served on the Board. Abby is a retired high school science teacher, and Jeff is a retired college English professor. These days, their favorite roles are Grandma and Grandpa to nine year old Charlotte, daughter of Miriam and her husband Dave, and twenty-one month old, Harrison, son of Sam and his wife Caitlin. Life is grand.