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James chose this picture dating from 1988, because he was 17 and at his most rebellious. What he was rebelling against was anybody's guess...

He is a music director, pianist, arranger, and composer with 30 years of international experience, and has been on the VLOG board since 2018. He is overjoyed and honored to be able to bring this labor of love  to the stage with his favorite company!

Selected credits: OFF BWAY: Old Jews Telling Jokes, Me The People, Living With Henry; VLOG: 9 shows (!) including Company, Urinetown, By Jupiter, and RagtimeNYC: Follies, Astoria Stories (APAC), Goddess Wheel by Galt McDermott (premiere), Gefilte Fish Chronicles (also performed at the Obama White House), In The Bleak Midwinter (by Dorothy Lyman), literally dozens of cabarets in almost all the venues (still waiting for you, 54 Below!); Over a hundred regional theatre credits in the US and Canada. He is a faculty pianist at AMDA, training the next generation of Broadway stars!

Love to Matt for putting up with him for the past 18 months. I cherished every second.