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Pam has always loved to sing. Growing up the oldest of four kids with a Mom who sang with a big band in the 1950’s, the house was bursting with music. Because Dad, too, loved to sing and whistle. He was the best whistler!

But Pam was literally terrified of singing a solo.  She happily sang in choirs, choruses and smaller, select vocal groups, but always dreamed of Some Day when she would overcome her fear of standing there alone in front of an audience and just sing her heart out.

Then, at the ripe old age of 30, prodded by her husband, Pam started taking voice lessons with a classically trained soprano in Pittsburgh, PA. And somewhere, deep inside, a little baby diva started to grow.  Not long after, that little diva grew up into a big diva, and decided to make her way, only slightly terrified, into the world and onto the stage. And (mostly) everyone lived happily ever after!

Fast forward to decades later and here she is, still doing what she loves to do in the very best of company with this terrific cast of VLOG Does The Tonys 2!

Thank you to VLOG for being devoted to keeping your legacy alive. Thank you to James Higgins for his tireless efforts as music director, producer, arranger, wardrobe consultant, dance consultant, prop master, etc., etc. James, you truly deserve A Major Award!

And always, all my love and thanks to Don, the best husband ever! Your love and unwavering support mean everything to me! You know what you did. XO


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