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Emily Marshburn

costume designer

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EMILY MARSHBURN (she/her) is a costume designer and illustrator based out of NYC. She is a recent graduate of the Carnegie Mellon Costume Design program. She finds the socio-cultural and psychological nature of costume design especially inspiring. In her opinion, to create true representations of people, one must first understand the human condition and its nuances. She strives to observe the world from this perspective and reflect it in her art. Emily is especially interested in collaborative work, arts accessibility, and historical conservation.
In her spare time, Emily can be found coveting items in vintage markets, people-watching on public transit, baking, or downing an oat milk cappuccino.
Recent credits: LIA DEL MAR (Columbia), THE PERFECT GAME (Theatre Row), THE FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA (History Channel), and YOU ON THE MOORS NOW (CMU).


Instagram: @emily.marshburn

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